1 hour — $59.95


TWO LISAS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! We proudly welcome back to the DT stable the statuesque titian-haired Amazon from New Zealand, the bountiful, beautiful Lisa Marie! And what kind of welcome have we set up for her? Why, a knockdown, dragout Texas-style death match with none other than our own homegrown powerhouse Lisa, of course! The rules are simple. Each fall ends with a knockout. The match ends when one girl can1t get up anymore. Both girls start out in star-spangled bikinis and sneakers, but soon the tops are off and the sunlight dances off their perfect, succulent mounds of femininity. Fists fly wildly as the two Lisas pound each other like cowboys in a barroom brawl. Such beautiful faces subjected to such rock-hard assaults. Such perfect bodies desecrated by bomb-like blows. And if all these devastating bare-knuckled bashings weren1t enough, wait until these lethal ladies use their skull-crushing claw holds! How much pain and punishment can these beauties take? With neither combatant able to afford the luxury of mercy, this contest can only end with one Lisa totally and utterly destroyed — and the other as the last Lisa standing.


NOW FOR THE PLUS and it's a big plus as we have a continuation of the Shannan Mia match from tape #399. After the mammoth breasted, curvaceous brunette beat Mia in boxing they decided to wrestle in their next battle. Exhausted from her previous bout Mia is at a distinct disadvantage but our courageous veteran is determined to show the new girl her grappling prowess. Shannan lets her wicked side free as she goes after her hurt prey with a vengeance, then this shapely beauty loosens the reins on her cocky side and handicaps herself. Has she bitten off more than she can chew, does our sleek pro have some tricks of her own left, or can Shannan back up all of her verbal abuse? Lisa Marie doesn't need a plus, but with the plus it's just another fabulous D.T. tape!