45 minutes — $59.95

THE SUPERHEROINE SLAUGHTER CONTINUES in Chapters 2 and 3 of the serial begun in Tape #396. The evil Darkraven's (Raven) campaign to destroy the Sisterhood of Superheroines proceeds as the merciless assassin uses deceit, disguise and raw destructive power to complete her deadly mission.


IN CHAPTER 2, Darkraven disguises herself as a television talk show hostess "Birdie Night" to lure the reformed criminal Blonde (formerly Black) Vixen into a trap. On the bogus "Nighty Night" TV show the black - caped heroine (played by Hollywood) is tricked into demonstrating her infamous torture gauntlets, only to have their horrific power turned on herself! When the unctuous Birdie Night reveals her true identity, Blonde Vixen is easy prey for the dark predator. Kicks and punches land with superhuman force as the heroine's luscious body is assaulted from every quarter. Breasts, belly, face — all are targets of Darkraven's unrelenting assault. This is one villainess who truly loves her work, laughing triumphantly over the ravaged body of this vanquished vixen — and salivating for her next victim.


CHAPTER 3 FINDS LISA, otherwise known as Amazon Queen, arriving at the home of Prof. Vern Kadar. The heroine believes that Prof. Kadar has unearthed a relic from her long - lost Amazon nation. Unfortunately, Lisa finds out too late that if she unjumbles the name "Vern Kadar" she'll find that it is actually "Darkraven" who has lured her there. Lisa immediately uses her magic bracelets to transform herself into Amazon Queen — but it backfires. Darkraven had sabotaged the magic bracelets and it is the villainess who is transformed into Amazon Queen, leaving Lisa helpless as her own powers are used against her — including her magic lariat. This Amazon Ambush soon degenerates into a bloody slaughter as the beautiful but hapless Lisa is pummeled, stripped and bound by the gloating assassin. There seems to be no stopping this killer — or is there? A twist ending definitely tells us that this serial is definitely not over yet. What new tricks and traps is comic book master GEORGE PÉREZ planning for our superheroines? Can Darkraven be stopped? Who will be her next victim? Stay tuned.