1 hour — $59.95


SO LET'S START OUT with two real winners, the new and very popular Kat and the always favorite Marjone. Yes these two business ladies are in and most definitely ready to win because an argument about their work as lawyers breaks out and they decide to take it to an empty office and have it out. Marjone strips out of her business suit, till she is left in only her white nylons which accentuates her tan voluptuous body. One lady soon dominates with a long dominate straddle position which she uses to torment her victim, especially with suffocating face sits.


NEXT WE FIND MIA outside relaxing when Lisa joins her wearing Mia's suit and then adds insult to injury when she says how she fills it out so much better. You guessed it, fighting words and we're off to a blistering cat fight as Mia destroys her with multiple smothers and chokes then leaves the beautiful red head out cold to fry in the sun. But not for long as we go in to win, yes Lisa soon comes to and heads in side for revenge oh and what revenge as the cat fight turns ugly ending with one lady nude and in some extremely embarrassing positions that involve food, I'll leave this one to your imagination, but it is most definitely IN FOR THE WIN!