1 hour — $59.95

HOW APPROPRIATE that this tape should start us into the four hundreds, because this tape is the essence of DOUBLE TROUBLE: beautiful women, fabulous action and always striving to offer you more, like searching out new fantastic talent.


BUT FIRST WE HAVE TWO PROS putting on one super show, the ultra talented and ever popular Quisha finds herself being harassed by the brazen Raven. But the buxom blond has never turned down a fight and we are soon treated to one hell of a battle. Yes these topless wonders give us all the holds and throws we would expect, along with brutal fore arm shivers that could be heard a block away, vibrating Quisha's mammoth breasts so savagely they produce frequencies that send dogs howling. Neither of these warriors will give which makes this match about twice as long as normal and truly beyond belief.


NOW FOR THE NEW and also beyond belief we have Raq-L (pronounced as in Raquel Welch) and they both have about the same upper body proportions, well this new she cat comes in like a lion. Yes, she starts off by insulting Katrina who isn't about to take it and soon both of these top heavy, curvy, blonds are rolling on the canvas in one of the wildest brawls we've seen in a long time. Yes these ladies put it in high gear and sustain the speed until they are completely exhausted, and that doesn't even stop them, not even blood stops these two only one thing can stop these two and I won't give it away. Oh this new Raq-L looks like another fabulous DT find, a bronzed figure that could stop traffic, the mouth of a fighter and the skills to back it up. And Katrina, well nothing really needs to be said about that fabulous lady. Two ultimate battles make this tape most definitely, NEW AND BEYOND BELIEF.