1 hour — $59.95

OH, AND WE HAVE some real gut blasting for you, yea a real tummy thumpin', stomach stompin' melee.


WE START OUT WITH A NEW LADY, Amber as she is interviewed and sounds like quite a tough lady so Mia and Francesca decide to see how tough. First Mia works her out on some holds and finds her to be a game grappler, then Francesca comes in to see how tough her gut is and it turns into a real belting battle as each lady takes a turn, ending up with super slugs that work them across the ring — one then the other each trying to endure the pain and dish out the final blow. Now another fairly new, but coming on strong lady, Kat, jumps in to Francesca's aid and the beautiful blond backs up the sleek Amber, eventually it becomes two on one for a merciless beating but soon Mia comes to Amber's aid and we are blessed with a four lady bash match. All are topless and every area is free game, breasts, crotches and mainly those rock hard guts. Four gut blasting beauties that throw nothing but strikes.


FOUR BEAUTIES SHOULD BE ENOUGH but not this time, no we're giving you two more fabulous ladies, Mia and our new ultra curvaceous sensation Shannan. Mia is shadow boxing in the ring when the fiery newcomer enters and challenges her to a boxing match - ten rounds of topless destruction. No one was sure weather this busty beauty could really box but that doubt was soon laid to waste along with Mia. Yes this rising star can blast with the best of them, her beautiful, bountiful, bouncing, breasts don't get in the way of her savage head shots or gut bombs. Of course it doesn't hurt that she wears much smaller gloves, lending her blows more devastation. Yes it's the veteran verses the cocky new star and what a grand show they put on. Six body blasters in one tape, and oh what beautiful bodies to blast.