45 minutes — $59.95


WE START OUT with one of our favorite masters of the mix, Scott, this time pitting his skill against the sexy blond battler Candi. And again we have another legendary battle which we've come to expect from two such game veterans. All the holds and throws that make a nonstop classic battle.


NEXT WE FIND OUT what happens when you get three tough ladies angry at you. Francesca, Marjone, and Gasae are not three women I want after me, well not if they want to beat me up that is, because these topless amazons are out for destruction. Destruction that becomes very apparent on the battered gut of their male recipient, never have we seen such destruction. Yes this is all too real, so be warned this may not be for the timid viewer and you may want to hide this from the women in your life because if they see how the mix masters dole out destruction — well lets just say you may be using the title ma'am a lot more.