45 minutes — $59.95


SO WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE BETTER than two great breast matches? Nothing, unless they're with four fabulous beauties and that's exactly what we have for you. Two of the best start us off, all decked out in their sexy black dresses, high heels and nylons, Tara and Lisa are ready to go when Lisa decides Tara should change, find a dress that would make her breasts look bigger. You guessed it, this makes young Tara very angry and a fight soon breaks out and of course it centers around their round mounds of shapely flesh. But first they tear at the dresses till they are finally left in only their skin tight nylons that show off their shapely legs that are used to wrap around their victims but only so they can get a good hold of the foes breasts. One hold leads to another but all end up with gouging and battering of their nippled chests. Yes it's a breast brawl with some of the best breasts around.


BUT GET READY TO REALLY KEEP ABREAST of things as we move outside for another extraditing mammary match. Tasha and Yvone each start out topless and bragging about their chests which leads to a fight to see whose really are the best, and oh do they test those precious mounds of flesh. You name it, they do it, from chest slams to breast punches. They even use their feet to stomp on them, they twist and squeeze both breasts and nipples, then run from each end of the ring till they smash their chests together and then comes the suffocating, breast flattening bear hugs. Oh yes, you will definitely be ABREAST OF BREASTS when this ones over — a real winner on all FRONTS!