45 minutes — $59.95


OUR MOST POPULAR SERIES EVER continues to burn up the television screen! Comic book legend GEORGE PÉREZ crafts yet another set of superheroine fantasies that will explode into the next millennium. This third tape of the thrilling SISTERHOOD OF SUPER - HEROINES series introduces that cute blonde Candi as Mistress "Missy" Evil, an ambitious villainess wannabe who works for the evil Darkraven (Raven). Even as she performs degrading and menial tasks for her black - suited mistress the pig - tailed blonde has aspirations of her own and soon comes in direct violent conflict with Darkraven to see who will accept the Overminds' contract to destroy the Sisterhood. So watch and enjoy as Missy puts on her leather and gets evil!


THE ABOVE STORY is but a prologue to an exciting five - part serial that we call SUPERHEROINE SLAUGHTER. Our second match on this tape is Chapter One: FEMME FATALITY. Accepting a contract from the Overminds, Darkraven begins her quest by going after a traitor to the Overminds' cause. Femme Fatale (Francesca) has reformed and joined the Sisterhood and Darkraven has sworn to destroy her. However, our yellow - caped heroine isn't ready to be anyone's victim, let alone this dark demon's. Both of these fabulous escapades are stuffed full of blistering blows and savage holds, with pulse - pounding action that are truly worthy of these SUPER LADIES!