45 minutes — $59.95


AND TO REALLY MAKE IT FUN we welcome two fabulous new battlers that have come armed and ready for war. Always in search of new talent we are ecstatic to welcome these two ladies that not only posses incredible beauty but real grappling talent. Yes these two are a real find, Shannan a gorgeous, curvaceous athlete and Helena, a blond Danish beauty with a fabulous lean hard body are both ready to see who has the strongest arms. To find out they put each other in numerous painful holds trying to bend their victims sleek strong arms to the point of submission. Soon they have rendered each other topless and their beauty is even further enhanced but pain is their game and they both do extremely well, right down to constantly pulling their vulnerable arm hairs and twisting the skin to further the destruction. These ladies are most defiantly destined for stardom.


NEXT WE HAVE TWO of our most incredible beauties going arm to arm. The hard-bodied Yvone takes on the youthful beauty, Tara in an arm match that finds these two beauties locked in deadly combat to see who has the strongest arms. Their beautiful arms entwine in painful holds of destruction. Painfully they twist the tender arm skin and brutally they pull arm hairs as each tries to make her foe submit. This one was shot some time earlier and wešre so happy to finally be able to release these beauties to your television screen. New beauties, fabulous bodies and lots of wild arm action — definitely ARMED FOR THE FUN OF IT!!!!!