1 hour — $59.95

THREE DEFINITELY MEANS PAIN and three times two means twice as much. That's exactly what we have in this tape. That's right, we have two, three girl matches and both find two ladies ganging up on one, for ultimate destruction.


FIRST, WE SEE BOBBIE, busy beating up a topless Mia when Francesca enters the ring and is told how Mia was cheating with her boyfriend. Francesca says she did the same thing to her so they both want to beat her up. To make it more fun, they come up with a competition. They will each take a turn putting on a savage hold or blistering blows until Mia is out — if the other one can wake Mia, they continue — the winner will be the one who knocks Mia out so she can't be awakened. Mia is far too tough to make this a quick contest. Each lady must exert some savage destruction and even some quick thinking deception. The prize is five minutes of free destruction time with the defeated one. Eventually, the surprise ending is found in the house where our three topless beauties make use of a camera, lipstick and some very compromising positions.


NEXT, WE HEAR CHERYL telling how she and Hollywood destroyed their last victim and offering the challenge to anyone foolish enough to accept. The bronze beauty, Francesca, shows up to take that challenge and not only brings a partner, Christine, but some bad news. Hollywood isn't coming because of an injury. The three of them soon get it on and we end up with one bizarre match. It's two against one, with total and extreme dominance, but not as we might expect. It's all savage punishment with pain that goes beyond endurance. Three most surely means pain, because two can definitely do it better than one. So, if you like one-sided dominant destruction — this one's for you!!!!!