45 minutes — $59.95


WE START OUT WITH THE END of a match that sees Marjone and Francesca destroying a man while Gasae refs but a fight erupts between Gasae and Francesca and they go at it till Marjone grab Francesca from behind and teams up with Gasae to destroy poor Francesca. Taking turns slamming slugs to their victim's sore gut they eventually leave her destroyed on the canvas. After ordering her devastated body to be dragged out of the ring Marjone goes to Gasae and asks for her help to prepare for the upcoming championship match between her and Francesca. Believing Gasae is one of the hardest punchers in the business she wants her to throw an enormously painful amount of slamming slugs at her gut, because if she can take all these from Gasae she can take anything from Francesca. Be wary of what you wish for because her painful wish comes true as countless savage blows explode on the stomach of the gorgeous brunette. But will this be enough to ready her for the championship match, you'll see, because next we have that match. Yes these two incredible beauties square off to give it their all for the belt, and as expected their all includes an abundance of savage, slamming, slugs that turn both feminine guts into battered bellies of inflamed flesh. Oh and of course they add some blasts to their exposed breasts and susceptibly sensitive crotches. Back and forth rages the battle because only destruction will end this war — both of these champions know it has to go to the ultimate in painful biter ends — because the belt deserves the ultimate and only the ultimate warrior can wear the belt.


AND IF ALL THIS WEREN'T ENOUGH we have another fabulous match with that also has an over abundance of super slamming slugs. Lisa interrupts Tasha as she exercises her stomach muscles, telling her the work-out isn't helping her week gut. You better believe this gets a fight started and it's one that truly calls for a gut check. Yes the midsection is pummeled with both punches and kicks, over and over these savage blows rain down causing the victim to collapse to the mat and this is only the beginning. More and more blows, many coming from some very novel positions, yes this is one very interesting match with some extremely inventive techniques employed to deliver the ultimate in slamming slugs. Wait till you see what they can do with a basketball. Two topless beauties that take gut destruction to another level. So if you like SLAMMING SLUGS, you got to love this one!!!