45 minutes — $59.95


FOUR ON THE FLOOR always meant more power and it still does because these four are literally most often on the floor where their damage is most severe. We start as Lisa and katrina chastise Mia because her partner hasn't arrived and then tell Mia that they are starting topless so she can't cheat by choking. Mia is furious to be accused of such cheating but gladly agrees to starting sans top, and her anger carries over when her partner finally shows, yes Marjone has a hostile greeting as she bounds into the ring, and her excuses are cut short by the bell which calls our four topless beauties into action. Each takes her turn at the exhausting tasks of destruction and pain, tagging for relief as the blows and holds become too much.
But one team seems to use two against one to further their destruction yet the outside partner of the other team doesn't leap to her cohorts defense thus extending her associates torture. Eventually they trade off and the venomous words are used to wound as painfully as the gut slugs, tortuous leg scissors and breast abuse. Then a very bizzare event occurs which produces the ultimate destruction - all to destroy - annihilation - the topless amazon warriors dole out their savage demolition. Wild, wonderful, four on the floor has never moved so fast, an out of control ride that shifts into high gear and never slows down.