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WHEN LAST WE LEFT our two beautiful superheroines in Tape #380, Amazon Queen (Lisa) and Super Maiden (Katrina), they were in dire danger — about to be blown to bits. With an effort worthy of a superheroine, Super Maiden uses one of her unique powers to execute a miraculous escape. Amazon Queen uses a homing device to track the evil villainesses Black Vixen (Hollywood) and Femme Fatale (Francesca) to their hideout where they are celebrating their victory. Now, it's time for some superheroine payback! First, Super Maiden traps Femme Fatale on the bottom floor and wild destruction ensues — kicking, slugging, pulling down the top to inflict maximum pain on freed breasts. When Black Vixen returns it's Amazon Queen's turn to do mete out vengeance. And a raging battle it is as these two sexy powerhouses go at it. Devastating slugs and breast demolition add up to a devastating round of super destruction. But will simply defeating their enemies be enough to satisfy the bloodlust of these vengeful superheroines?


OUR NEXT SUPERHEROINE ESCAPADE finds Super Maiden once again mysteriously summoned to the Arena of Champions where she is challenged once again to a battle for supremacy by our newest super - powered knockout, the champion from across the pond, Britannia (played by Yvonne). The blonde, hard - bodied Brit leers from behind her white mask as she ridicules Super Maiden for losing to Darkraven. Never one to back down, Super Maiden steps up to the challenge and the war is on. Each power - girl uses her super - strength for destruction as both super bodies are battered and blasted from one end of the Arena to the other. Tops are ripped down as each takes her turn at attacking her foe's vulnerable mounds of supple flesh. A super battle between two super beauties — where pity is turned into pitiless destruction. This second release in our SISTERHOOD OF SUPERHEROINES series continues the high standard we've set for these fabulous tapes. A standard that can only be met because the artist, creator, writer and supervisor of these tapes is a legend in the world of comic books. Yes, over twenty - five years of experience have made GEORGE PÉREZ a renowned figure in the world of comics and we are honored to have him on the Double Trouble team!