1 hour — $59.95


TIME TO GET MIAED, and we first get Miaed with the super, sexy Santana who bursts into the ring like a lady on a mission. Now we've already heard Mia asking about Santana because she seems intimidated, so when this bronzed storm charges her she pulls away in fear which only propels Santana into harsher verbal attacks. Then the verbal is coupled with physical and the cowering Mia finds herself besieged on all levels. Yes this is one brutal and total assault on every part of poor Mia and in every part of the ring even outside. Now I knew Santana had a mean streak in her but she really lets it lose on Mia in this one.


NEXT WE GET MIAED with another luscious brown beauty, Francesca. Now Mia and Francesca have had a long history together and this match fits right in with the rest — wild, destructive abandon fueled by a long love hate relationship. They settle on a multifall match where the winner gets free slave time in the end but one uses a sneak blitz attack to gain the edge. But edges are thin and precarious and when one lady takes over in this one she really takes over. An onslaught of slugs, chokes and any pain possible are beset on our vanquished maiden. Then comes the slave time but even worse she also performs a perverse trick on her now sluggish foe, waking her for one final vile assault that makes sure she truly gets MIAED!!