1 hour — $59.95


YOU LOVED THE FIRST PART of this battle on tape #372, yes this is the continuation of the Lisa - Katrina indoor match. Lisa redresses in her swank dress and heels then leaves an unconscious Katrina. Out side Lisa stops to add lotion to her shapely legs before going off to the audition she had fought Katrina for. But sleeping beauty soon revives and also redresses in her skin tight dress and heels and proceeds outside where she sneaks up behind her foe. It's an all new battle that rages across the yard and into the ring where these sexy sirens seem to channel their vengeful anger on two main goals: rip that sexy dress from her enemy, and commit an all out attack on her breasts. First the dresses are pulled down so they can dig their fingernails into the soft fleshy skin. It's a long arduous battle pulling these tight dresses off their curvaceous figures but eventually they succeed and only panties and high heels remain. Now they can really concentrate on the mammary mauling, as they gouge, twist and even press with suffocating breast smashing bear hugs.


NOW WE GO FROM THIS WILD free wheeling cat fight to one of our most unique breast battles. An angry Julie bursts in and challenges Lisa, and they decide on an eleven event contest with international rules and a judge to decide the winner of each event. Each lady strips to the waist leaving on their very short skirts, nylons and high heels. Each event incorporates a different element of breast devastation: battering, gouging, slamming, smothering, nipple twisting and many more including the fabulous milking position destroyer. Each time their rotund mounds of supple ravaged flesh have to be rubbed, caressed and healed enough to continue the torture, plus a decision has to be rendered. Needless to say this becomes a very lengthy tournament of torment. So if you happen to like beautiful breasts and beautiful ladies — this tape is for you!