1 hour + — $59.95


Hollywood, the masked seducer awaits her victim and sweet Cindy doesn't make her linger long. In her business suit, the gorgeous brunette enters only to be met by a savage attack from the blond intruder. But it's not just destruction she's after. No, it's very apparent, as our gorgeous invader drags her unconscious victim to the bedroom where she strips her down to her skimpy panties and bra. Seeing Cindy like this reminds us it's just been too long since she's been around, because she certainly has one of the best figures in town. But Hollywood is more interested in a specific part of this beautiful anatomy — feet. Yes, they're rubbed, hugged, caressed, licked, and lotioned, and only someone else entering the house can make her stop this foot worship. An unsuspecting Bobbie falls prey to this foot bandit, only now the beating is much more intense. Poor Bobbie is destroyed before she is dragged to the bedroom where the same ritual is repeated. Once Bobbie is stripped, her feet get the royal treatment and it seems all is over but this long adventure is far from over. Yes, much more destruction and foot attention lie ahead — much more!


And if that marathon isn't enough we find Lisa and Julie waiting in the wings with loads of entertainment. Lisa is outside waiting for an interview when Julie approaches and wonders why they would want to interview her. Lisa lets Julie know she's a has-been and they want to talk to new blood. Next thing Lisa knows, she's out cold, topless, tied up and her feet are being tortured with tickling. This turns into a challenge that is taken to the ring where they go at it with some hot wrestling, but most of the holds now end in foot attacks. The wrestling is wild, but the feet become the focus even to the point of using a top to tie up one of the ladies so some real footnotes can be delivered. yes, not only are the feet kissed, caressed and tortured, but they become literal signs of a victors' spoils. They are truly footnotes for destruction.