1 hour — $59.95


CHERYL WON THE FIRST, Mia took the last one on tape #375 and the bad blood has only gotten worse so it's time for number three. This one proves to be the longest one of all as Mia challenges her to a best out of seven falls and Cheryl ups the ante by making it a ten count on the pins. Pound for pound these are two of the best ever and they're both anxious to prove who is really the best. The lengthy battle is dominated by drawn-out holds of excruciating pain. Both warriors have a never say die attitude that only multiplies the pain. We see a real sadistic side come out in Cheryl as with real glee she strips Mia's top off and mercilessly taunts her but words won't win this contest. No these grapples are in for the long haul — the long painful haul between two petit titans of wrestling.


ANOTHER GREAT REMATCH stems from tape #374 where a nude Marjone and Francesca had an impromptu fight that was broken up by Gasae, it was then decided that Gasae and Marjone would do battle to see who would be the number one contender for Francesca's title. We open as a topless Marjone awaits her adversary, soon Gasae arrives and inquires about Marjone's free flying breasts and is told how in other matches Gasae always seems to take her top off so she thought starting sans top would be better. Gasae follows suit and strips to her waist for the battle. The ref announces the contest and we're off and slugging and I do mean slugging as guts, breasts and crotches are battered from one end of the ring to the other. But when one battler starts to take over we soon find Francesca isn't just a bystander, oh no several times she delivers multiple bombs to one of the unsuspecting warriors, one time even sprawling out her victim on the apron and unleashing a blistering assault. Then the other wrestler takes over where Francesca left off and continues the destruction. But even with severely battered breasts, bruised ribs and gut this grappler won't give up, no she's going to bruise some supple breast flesh herself. Makes for a wild action packed match!