1 hour — $59.95


YES TWO MORE OF THOSE sensuous back breaker matches that back the beauty up with agonizing pain. First we find The sleek Tasha as she sits inside and slowly stretches and strokes her lean, well muscled gams and eventually is joined by Katrina. Bad words send us immediately into a back bending fight that goes back and forth and not only uses the furniture but some very inventive objects for back destruction. These hard bodies are soon topless, which just adds to the beauty of their painfully extended torsos.


NEXT WE FIND TASHA AGAIN but this time in the ring with Julie. Both ladies have extended periods before the match where they flex, stretch, and stroke their supple legs, then Tasha takes it right to Julie assuming she can easily destroy her back, but Julie is an old veteran at these back breaking matches and isn't about to be easily stretched in submission. This match is full of classic back breakers but also some very novel one, like the head between the legs with and inverted stretch. Again two topless beauties are stretched like rubber dolls, but these are real dolls that feel all the pain and agony of these contorted positions of beauty.