1 hour — $59.95


WILD AND WONDROUS perfectly describes both our first two ladies and their match. We open as Bobbie, in her black dress and legging calls Lisa, also in a dress, and tells her she has the secret tape she wants. They agree to meet at the DT. ring where Bobbie then tells Lisa she has to wrestle her for it. Both ladies are game and slowly strip out of their dresses but leave on their undergarments, Bobbie with her black bra, girdle, and black nylons, Lisa still wearing her one piece white corset type outfit also with black nylons. Bobbie starts by telling Lisa she planned this so she could pulverize Lisa but this only seems to make the luscious Lisa more eager to get it on. And get it on they do, finding long agonizing scissors to be the most painful they use these to excess along with suffocating bearhugs. And of course once the breasts are exposed they delightfully attack with abandon. The outfits add a lot of pizzazz but it's the wild ladies that make this a truly wondrous match.


AND SPEAKING OF WILD and wondrous, our next two beauteous combatants surely come to mind. Gasae and Marjone each do a sexy dance in the house then read some of their fan mail and finish telling how they will destroy each other in their upcoming fight for their mutual boyfriend, Vinnie. Next we find them both in the ring, Marjone in her sultry, red see - through one piece and Gasae in her low cut flowered one piece. Verbal taunting and abuse run rampant as they use vulgar words like sharp knives that slash deep and leave open wounds. And this verbiage continues all through the match but it's nothing compared to the excruciating hurt that's dolled out to these voluptuous feminine bodies — continually they pull down each others tops which forces their choice breasts to bulge out like targets, and targets they become as each lady aims her destruction on this supple vulnerability. But the real devastation was aimed at a spot that would make Vinnie most annoyed, yes, many and vicious were the kicks to the groin as each lady gave as well as she got. Finally only one is left standing but even the beaten beauty finds enough energy to lift her head from the canvas and vow her revenge. Most surely a WILD AND WONDROUS tape.