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AND TWO OF THE BIGGEST, both out of recent layoffs are at it big time in our first match. The one and only muscled beauty Spice, going after one of the biggest breasted veterans we have, Quisha. Other than her last outing with Hollywood, Quisha hasn't wrestled in a long time and seems very intimidated by the brawn and mouth of her foe. Like a dog smelling fear Spice becomes even more brazen, her verbal attack becomes more vicious but is nothing compared to how brutal her physical attack becomes. With sadistic glee she uses Quisha's top as a very effective choking device, then on to an extensive series of tormenting holds and blows, all aimed at displaying her ultimate superiority over her colossal breasted rival.


BUT WHEN WE'RE TALKING BIG GIRLS, well then we need to talk about the biggest of all, the one and only Julie D.C. - the biggest in every way. So when she sees her diminutive opponent she unleashes on her a savage tongue lashing. But Liu, the petite black beauty introduced in tape # 373 doesn't seem intimidated by this oversized antagonist. May be she should have been because D.C. explodes with an attack bent on ruination. Yet it all seems too easy and Julie soon becomes bored, then a broad smile overtakes her as inspiration strikes - yes she has a plan to not only make it more interesting but to also show ultimate superiority. She allows Liu to use her top and tie her hands behind her back, yes she plans on winning with her hands ties behind her back. Both these beauties are topless and aimed at destruction and their aim is true as this becomes a very interesting match filled with torturous annihilation.