1 hour — $59.95


IF IT'S DESTRUCTIVE SMOTHER you're looking for then seven is your lucky number because we have seven wild players in this tape. First we start out with Andrew in the living room waiting for someone but when Santana and Gasae arrive (topless and in very short skirts) they do not like him there at all and become very demonstrative with their anger. They attack him like two wild dogs with a bone, first they both destroy him then they take turns choking and smothering him. Then bored they drag their mangled carcass to the bedroom for more taunting that can only lead to further destruction. I don't know if we have two more sadistic ladies so when you put them together they make a real pair of annihilators. And being topless only seems to make the sadism more complete as Andrew can see and feel these fabulous beauties but for every touch of pleasure he receives ten fold in pain, breasts become weapons to smother with, soft feminine hands turn into tools of dreadful breath restriction and sleek legs are vises of pain. No doubt about it these fabulous brown beauties truly love to make a man squirm.


NOW TO MAKE A WOMAN SQUIRM all we need are two angry women, enter Tara and Tasha who are hot and heavy into a battle about Tasha's dented car when in rushes sexy Alex saying something she really shouldn't have. Before long they're topless and destroying her, first with smothering then comes the slow, wet, lick to the hand and then clamped on to poor Alex's face holding her breath in till she squirms with pain. Then they tie her up for more of the same and just when it all seems over who should appear but an angry Raven - now she takes control and slowly continues the annihilation till she leaves Alex breathless to squirm no more.