45 minutes — $59.95


TWO AGAINST ONE is bad enough but when the two are Hollywood and Cheryl well you can expect the abuse the one will get, especially if the one is the sweet Brandy. Yes beautiful Brandy is about to bring out the beast in our two veterans - I never knew they could get this mean. Poor girl is flung from one end of the ring to the other, kicked, slugged, choked and walked on - just your basic total dominant destruction.


BRANDYıS SISTERS are featured in our next match, yes itıs Mia and Nina and they are acting anything but sisterly as Nina is disgusted that her sister is losing so much lately and seems to have such a soft belly. Needless to say this infuriates Mia and soon one top is ripped off and two sisters trying destroy each other. But only one does the real destruction as one sister soon has the upper hand and is bending it till it breaks. She even takes it to the extreme, smearing lipstick over her sister and taking pictures to send home to mom. A tape full of gorgeous sisters, sadistic pros and just over all total dominating destruction.