45 minutes — $59.95


IF YOU LIKE LUSCIOUS, stunning, beauties and flesh ripping destruction then Chew Toys will be a grade a prime choice for you. Stunning and luscious are perfect descriptions of our first two feasting combatants, covetous Katrina and sleek Yvonne nonchalant chat on the couch. All sweet and easy till Katrina tells of one of her worst matches, a biting bout with Hollywood, Yvonne is sure it could have never happened to her. That's all it takes to start a feeding frenzy, pearly whites gnaw into fleshy limbs as each lady strives to inflict terminal jaw pressure. They hit the floor chewing, high into those silky thighs they sink their sharp incisors till those skimpy dresses get in the way, then they too are severed from the bodies — leaving only two topless beauties with so much exposed, vulnerable flesh. Rolling, sliding, biting they take turns feasting on destruction.


IT WOULD SEEM THERE IS no way to top these two but when two hell-cats decide to see who has the sharper teeth we may be able to top anything, and Tasha and Nicole are the ultimates in Hellcats. So nice to see that wild young German Nicole back with us again, we really need to see more of this impetuous savage youth as she brings such a freshness to every match and especially when she's pitted against such a super vixen as the sleek, hard-bodied Tasha. The crumbs soon turn to tidbits, then morsels and mouthfuls till they've sliced into huge portions of their anatomies — from neck to buttocks they ravage each other — riding and ripping they go for mouthfuls of destruction — till the pain is so overwhelming passing out is the only possible escape, but will that end the pain ??? A real skin ripping tape offering a truly bountiful feast of the most fabulous feminine flesh ever to be so sinuously devoured — a meal of soft, vulnerable beauty — a mouthful of destruction!!!!