1 hour — $59.95


WHAT BETTER WAY to start this tape off than with a championship match between two body smashing beauties, marvelous Marjone and fabulous Francesca. This is not only the out come from tape #368 but the match that caused these two beauties to get together again in the most recent WOW tape #374. Flesh smashing worth a championship, yes these cuties take turns battering breasts, crotches and most of all guts — topless these curvaceous femmes smash their bare fists into all possible areas of their vulnerable foes.


NOW USUALLY WE COULDN'T TOP this fabulous smash feast but luckily an incredible newcomer is not only stepping through the ropes but challenging one of our toughest ladies, yes a knockout in both beauty and power, Santana is nobody to fool around with, but Kat herself a knockout beauty, with her lengthy blond locks and curvy figure is talking the talk that drives Santana crazy. They each spit their serpentine venom and we are soon embroiled in a sizzling smash feast that pits the new blond against the known brunette. Gloves don't seem to cushion the battering because it starts when the fabulous new goldie locks enters the ring topless, not to be out done the brown beauty rips her top off and starts her verbal assault but blonde can give as well as she can get. And this proves true when it comes to bout — a true smash feast that goes round after round as each ladies crashes her red gloved fist hard into her foes breasts, gut and face. Smash, knock, cuff, blow, bang, swat, batter — jab to the gut, jab to the head, uppercut smash knock down. Wild destruction round after round as these two wild smash feasting batterers go toe to toe to see who is really the toughest beauty between the ropes. DT is happy to bring you this fabulous newcomer, Kat, and only someone this fabulous could take on the incredible Santana.

You got to love it — four beauties willing to really smash for you and one of them is an incredible blond newcomer. SMASH FEAST — ready to go all the way for your devastating desires of destruction!