1 hour — $59.95


FOR ALL OF THOSE who can never get enough of Mia we have two fabulous matches where Mia takes on two of her most dreaded foes. Her first score to settle is with Cheryl from tape #366, where Mia got her but kicked. Practice and a burning desire for revenge has Mia back for another shot at the mighty mite. Cheryl has nothing but disdain for this loser and doesn't hesitate to show it. But Cheryl soon learns that this is a different Mia than last she fought and she better gear up because she's got a real fight on her hands. It's one long war with each lady winning her share of the battles. Painful are the holds as each veteran digs deep into her bag of tricks and slower they get as each becomes wary of the other. A tactical battle of wills and endurance as each of these compact cuties puts her honor and ego on the line.


NEXT MIA GOES to even the score with venomous Raven from tape #371 and while it's quite apparent she fears this evil bird she also feels a bit better with Tasha as the ref. Raven garbed in black bikini and tights moves in on a fearful Mia and raises her hands in a challenge of strength as the multi-fall match begins. Instantly the vile Raven intimidates her foe and takes control, she manipulates her prey so she can cheat without the ref seeing it. With glee raven rips Mia's top off, but just when she seems ready for destruction Mia pulls of a brazen move that rattles her accursed foe and puts her on top. First fall to Mia, but she doesn't look like a victor, no a quivering lip gives her away as from the mat a glaring Raven growls delivering the message of impending revenge — yes, this match is far from over!