1 hour — $59.95


IT'S MOST DEFINITELY TIME for another fabulous WOW tape, so for the real fun of it we bring you two fabulous matches. We begin as the luscious Francesca bares her soul to the curvaceous Marjone, she tells her how attracted to her she was in their last match, how nice her breasts felt as she tried to rip them off. We soon find they both have a mutual respect and attraction for each other, an attraction that is soon demonstrated physically as they mutually strip each other naked. Soft hands run wildly over brown bodies as moans of pleasure follow sensual breast caresses. Fun for all, until — they make the mistake of talking about their last match and talk quickly escalates to action. First it's a contest to see who can take the hardest punches, sending shock-waves through their soft flesh till they reach their supple breasts causing them to vibrate with pain. Soon our naked warriors take their one — upmanship to the ring where the battle becomes even more destructive as they challenge each other to blows that cover all of their fabulous bodies. Never have we seen so many blows to naked flesh, too many knuckle bombs to count. From sex pleasure to destructive pleasure — it's all for the fun of it — and the pain.


AND SPEAKING OF PAIN, that's exactly what Lisa has in mind for Tara in our next escapade as she puts a gun to her and demands she strip. As our gorgeous young beauty slowly loses her heels, garter tied nylons and dress, her captor reveals how Tara's fiance was Lisa's boyfriend until she took him from her and now she has a devious plan to destroy and disgrace this man steeling vixen, but like so many plans it has some problems. Problems that produce two angry naked beauties in high heels that both want revenge but only one ends bound and gagged, her smooth flesh straining against the taught ropes as the victor dresses and struts — for her it's definitely for the fun because her naked foe has the pain of it. A real WOW tape that is definitely FOR THE FUN AND PAIN OF IT.