1 hour + — $59.95


AND DO WE HAVE some new treats for you! Alex our little southern bell was in a match a long while back but she seems new to us and you'll soon see why. First she's changed physically but most of all her demeanor has changed, oh don't let that silky southern accent fool you, no this little lady is a real hell cat, especially when someone is trying to take something from her. Lui, a petit ebony beauty is trying to take Alex's part from her causing both ladies to rush the producer and plead their case. Lui in her animal skin costume believes she should be queen of the jungle and win the ape man but Alex in her costume insists shes the better actress and has to be the victor. The producer tries to quell the heat, but to no avail, as they insist on a real fight to see who is really the best and thus deserves to be the victor in the movie. Seeing no way out the producer sets a few ground rules and the new talent take it to the ring where a wild cat fight soon has their tops off and contrasting skin shades roll across the blue canvas. We soon find that our little southern belle can back up her mouth, and also to our delight Lovely Liu has some physical prowess of her own. They sure don't act like new girls.


NEXT IT'S TIME for the classics and you can't get much more classic than Hollywood and Quisha — without a doubt two of the all time best and they're as beautiful and talented as ever, maybe more so. Glaring at each other they disrobe, both chests jutting out as each lady compares their mounds of femininity. The bravado is thick as each cocky veteran lets her foe know she's the one to beat. It turns into a two out of three fall topless classic that goes long because neither lady will allow a defeat. A combination pro-style, with classic holds and throws, and cat fight, with all the hair pulling, breast and groin slams, chokes and just general devastation. Two large buxom blond battlers that have been through many wars — it's way past time they meet and we are ecstatic to bring it to you. A very long match that truly tests the heart of these warriors and we believe you'll find their heart equals one of our all time great matches — fabulous — a true classic!