45 minutes — $59.95


THIS IS IT! The one that started it all! Based on an idea by comic book legend GEORGE PÉREZ, the first adventure on this tape marks the debut of the two caped champions who would form the foundation for our best - selling SISTERHOOD OF SUPERHEROINES series. The success of this pulse - pounding preview launched the extraordinary series of tapes dedicated to titanic tales of sexy superheroines pitted against sultry supervillainesses in scintillating showdowns of super - heroic proportions. Our first adventure begins as the blonde bombshell Super Maiden (known in her everyday life as Katrina) magically, and inexplicably, appears in the Arena of Champions. Soon the sound of another cape whipping in the wind signals the arrival of the amazing Amazon Queen, (otherwise known as Lisa). While both of these gladiators work on the side of right, they also have large egos coupled with savage competitive drives that demand they challenge each other to see who is really the most powerful superheroine of all. After a series of devastating blows and kicks each super babe resorts to using a mystical weapon to bind her opponent to the ring post as each takes her turn pummeling and torturing her foe's exposed vulnerable breasts. Fabulous beauties in savage mythical battles, producing unbounded, earth - shattering entertainment!

This is only the beginning, these adventures will be Double Trouble's longest and most extensive series incorporating numerous super characters and from hence forth they will be tapes by themselves composed of only these super adventures. So get the first of this super series of super adventures.


AND BEFORE THEY WERE super heroines, they were just gorgeous women who liked to get it on, as we see in our next adventure, as Lisa and Katrina, decked out in swank outfits and high heels, meet and realize that they are both applying for the same modeling job. The fur flies as a devastating catfight ensues. They struggle to pull the skintight designer dresses from each other and eventually both are left topless, still in heels and in a brutal battle for destruction. Breasts are the focus of their fierce attacks as each lady strives desperately to make sure her model counter - part has too many battle scars to ever be selected for a high fashion modeling job. And battle scars they have as this dynamic duo goes all out — and we would expect no less! Lisa and Katrina are two of DT's most popular fighting femmes, and without a doubt they, like Amazon Queen and Super Maiden, make a real DYNAMIC DUO!!!!