45 minutes — $59.95


FIRST WE START OUT with two warriors that just plain love to fight, so when The exotic Santana told curvaceous Kristy that her thighs were all flab and no muscle, well, we knew where this fight was going. With out mincing words Kristy tells Santana what she plans on doing to her skimps thighs and right from the beginning both ladies are true to their word. They start out in a lock-up but soon find their way to the mat where Kristy immediately uses her strong legs to scissors Santana's thighs, Santana not only endures the pain but she dishes out her own as she attacks her foes wrapped thighs with savage gouges, slugs and pinches. On and on they trade sadistic torture to each others vulnerable upper legs with painfully inventive holds and energetic battering. Kristy even leg presses Santana's entire body, yes it's a wild brawl that covers every inch of the ring but always ends where the legs begin — thigh high — producing thigh cries from agonizing torture.


NEXT WE HAVE MIA ready to take one of her most feared rivals, Raven in all her menacing glory. Mia, in her white tights and top, opens telling us how confident she is that this time she can defeat her belligerent foe as this time she has a ref — no more cheating from the brutal one. Enraged, Raven, in her skin tight black body suit, tells how she can never lose to this wimpy little girl and then explains how she will destroy her. Our ref, Lisa, really has her work cut out for her as Raven is a skilled veteran who is adept at hiding her con from the ref. The more she dupes the ref, the more savage the destruction but Mia can endure extreme pain and always has the will to come back!