1 hour — $59.95


TAPE #362 ENDED with Tasha having Mia in a nude and very vulnerable position. And our first adventure on this tape picks up right where that one left off, yes, Mia is spread-eagled nude across the bed with only a little shaving cream as a cover. Now when last we saw them Tasha was about to shave Mia but she was distracted and planned on coming back to finish shaving this tender area. In the mean time Mia awakens and instantly realizes what was in store for her. Quickly she puts her bikini on and grabbing a knife she goes in search of her foe. Down the stairs she surprises Tasha and a fight ensues but they halt it in mid fight to establish a few rules: with each submission an article of clothing comes off. Soon they are back at it but Tasha has a distinct advantage as she is now fully clad, but not to worry as Mia is ready and works her disrobing magic. Both ladies take turns destroying and being destroyed but only one of them ends up naked, with her sexy lifeless body sprawled out over the banister.


NEXT OUR TOUGH BEAUTY is found in a very vulnerable position, out cold and hung over the ropes, she's been left there from her last match. Slowly Tara, the ever sweet, luscious beauty approaches and decides to take Tasha's bottoms off and keep them for herself. This is a good time to specify that this match was shot a little while in the past, as is seen by sweet young Tara's breasts, petit and perky — at present they are of a larger and fuller variety. But I digress, as Tara tries to strip the vulnerable Tasha of her dental floss bottoms she awakens and after a hot verbal exchange they begin a torrid battle for dominance. Believe me, this is truly one totally entertaining romp as these beauties not only verbally battle they do some real physical damage — hard slugs, breast mauling, scissor chokes and some of the best stuff comes when they wake each other up. It ranges from sensual to sadistic, from soft kisses to savage pulls on tender pubic hairs. With out a doubt two fabulous ladies that are willing to reach down deep to provide you with one super match of pure entertainment. Tasha and two willing accomplices — now that's a tape with real entertainment!!!!