45 minutes — $59.95


WHO BETTER TO TAKE IT to the guys than the blonde lady from tinsel town. First the swank blond takes it to poor Andrew, attired only in skimpy bottoms and long black gloves Hollywood tells her victim how shešs going to destroy him for having the audacity to take her on. Soon our bare-chested vixen is entwined in a death lock with her male foe, his wild frenzy only takes him to a long painful demise, a choke that uses his own arms to suspend his breath. And this is just the first of many tortuous holds that lead to agonizing submissions. So many holds and submissions that we pick up many of the falls midway through, many starting as an agonizing hold is already tormenting the pitiful recipient, thus moving the action directly to these great painful submission holds administered by a super dominant female grappler. Over and over she humiliates poor Andrew.


THE NEXT MATCH really puts our blonde beauty to a test as she takes on a competitor who is not only much larger but much more experienced than Andrew. Yes, as wešve seen from the past Scott really knows his way around a ring and is anxious to test his skills against the renowned Hollywood. This is a very equal match going back and forth with each giving as good as they get; strong holds, shattering throws and over all destruction that puts both of their wills to a true grappling test.