45 minutes — $59.95


HOW HAPPY WE ARE to introduce three new ladies in this tape. First is a beauty named Amber, a sleek beauty with lots of spunk and more than ready to take it to the luscious Bobbie. Now these matches may be dominated by arms and arm holds but these two ladies mix it up with lots of great action and Amber shows that even though she's new, she's equipped with an attitude that's ready to battle. Soon these beauties are topless and straining each others arms in all possible positions.


PAINFUL ARM CONTORTIONS, arm hair pulling and skin-twisting Indian burns are in both matches but our second match offers a unique twist, sisters, yes our next two newcomers are sisters — Jodi and Cassy are young blondes with just enough experience to get in there and roll around till they find a vulnerable arm and do their best to make their sister scream uncle. They decide to make it a multi-fall match and do their best to find some inventive arm tortures. These are real sisters, Jodi has a little more experience but Cassy the younger may turn out to be the gamer of the two, but only experience will tell if either can stay in there with some of the more experienced grapplers. It's always great to see new ladies ready to mix it up, and that's just what we get with THE ART OF NEW ARMS.