1 hour — $59.95


CHERYL RUSA, one of the all time great female grapples takes it to two other big names in the wrestling world. First comes Hollywood, now these two have known each other from the old G.L.O.W. days and they go from being friends to mortal enemies. Both these beauties know all the moves and the tricks and are anxious to see which one is now the best. It makes for a match filled with fabulous holds that each lady takes to extremes as it's a multi-fall pin match and to get a pin on one of these assassins you really have to beat her down first. So they use excruciating holds, back and neck drops, or thunder blows delivered from high off the ropes to render their foe weak enough for a pin. So hard does Hollywood hit the mat once that it blows her top off, but this is one blond warrior that being topless only seems to make her better.


NEXT, CHERYL TAKES ON a spunky veteran about her own size — marvelous Mia. Now Mia's has a fair amount of pro training but nothing that compares to Ms. Rusa's resume. Then again Mia has experience that Cheryl doesn't, yes Mia has seen every possible type of female combat from cat to boxing, so needless to say there's a bit of everything in this multi fall match. The end of this one may be only the beginning because even as destructive as it gets both ladies agreed to a rematch. Yea there's some bad blood brewing here and I've got a feeling we're in for a super rivalry that may bring us many fabulous fights — from two extremely popular and game competitors.