45 minutes — $59.95


A JULY FOURTH MATCH brings us two red, white and blue bikinis jammed with beautiful feminine flesh; Julie D.C. and Katrina. "You're a disgrace to the flag" with these words Katrina slaps D.C. hard across the face and the fire-works begin. With a real bang the enraged D.C. comes back hard at curvaceous Kat with slugs that slam her into the corner where the battering really gets started. It's long and brutal but not enough to stop this game cutey, and back on track Katrina soon has D.C.'s top off and using it to destroy her. Eventually they are both bare breasted (that's a lot of bare) and taking turns punching, kicking and choking each other into destructive oblivion.


WE CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH of voluptuous Katrina, so our next match features her taking on a real contrasting opponent. Yes, Santana's amber skin sharply contrasts with Katrina's ivory shell, black hair contrasts with the light red but they are similar in their combative natures. Although Santana does seem to be excessively aggressive this day, she verbally and physically intimidates Katrina backing her around the ring before the match. Soon these fabulous beauties are topless, wild, and savagely going at each other but it soon turns into a one-sided bout of destruction where one lady dishes out the kicks, slugs, and just all out demolition. Katrina is one popular lady and it's easy to see why, double the Katrina is double the fun, so who else to bring it to you but Double Trouble.