75 minutes — $59.95


SO LET'S GET GOING says our crazy lady, the sexy Lisa as she can't wait for all those famine toes and soles. The deranged Lisa anxiously waits for a real estate agent she has a crush on, or maybe just her feet. Marjone in her business suit shows up ready to sell but our Waco beauty has other ideas, a brawl ensues as Marjone tries to escape. Over the couch, across the floor, up the wall, out cold, dragged to the bedroom, hoisted on the bed, slowly stripped till she reaches those prized feet. Playing, hugging, kissing, licking, rubbing them on her large beautiful breasts until a knock interrupts her bliss. At the door she finds her neighbor, Julie who wants to know about the noise but Lisa's eye's widen, and her head spins as she only sees Julie's beautiful feet — here we go again, yes another wild ride that ends in the bedroom next to her other victim. Again she strips and goes to the sole of the matter but again she leave and our gorgeous victims awake and look for revenge. Two against one — revenge is so sweet but again we have another knock at the door and a new lady enters, Johnnie, looking for her own revenge, yes it's so true — so many feet and SO LITTLE TIME.


AND TO ADD FOUR MORE sexy feet to the mix we find Bobbie and Julie ready to mix it up for our next match but this one is in the ring where they really get it on but not before they talk up what they'll do to each other. And we're off with a real wild wrestling match that really puts our warriors through their paces, holds, throws, blows but always ending on those luscious feet with the ultimate endings, yes endings because there are more than one, ending with the sole of the matter, the foot is the message and this is meant literally. There are definitely so many feet and so little time that if you love wild romps dominated by feet, you can't waste any time, this one is solely for your wild feets of entertainment!!!!