1 hour — $59.95


HOW SWEET IT IS, as sweet Susie meets our new bronze warrior, the exotic Santana, and what a fabulous contrast they make, black hair - blond hair, alabaster white skin - island dark skin, the known - the unknown. Susie is in no mood for this newcomer and quickly has her pinned against the ropes with her robe pulled over her arms enabling Susie to introduce the brown beauty to the art of destructive battery. On the mat Susie throws her and exposes her shapely breasts to the destructive force then pins her arms against her side so she can slam her fists into the firm stomach muscles. More and more she piles on the slaughter till she feels her victim is about out and ready for the finale degrading bit of annihilation, positioning herself over Santana's face she slowly lowers for a devastating face sit, but what comes next is even more painful than Susie's bulging eye's can express. So devastating is Santana's surprise that Susie is rendered totally helpless where upon Santana quickly proves how sweet destruction is when it's for sweet revenge. From one hold to another, blows to all parts of the body, chest abuse and other multiple ways to dreamland, but she wants more and more so over and over she sensuously strokes her victim awake. But her ending is the best as she produces a bizarre bloody finale of eradication that you won't want to miss.


NOW IF THAT WASN'T enough destruction our next match pits two ladies against one and if that's not destruction enough the two ladies our Sandy and Julie D.C.. Sweet Susie is in the ring exercising when our two big bruising beauties over hear her talking about them, and it's all Sandy can handle just to hold D.C. back from an instant attack. But soon enough they're in the ring and on the attack and oh what a brutal sadistic onslaught it is as our two mammoth busted destroyers completely annihilate poor Susie; devastating body slams, killer leg drops to the neck, brutal kicks to the head — you name it they do it — all the way to the ultimate in devastation!!