1 hour + — $59.95


INSIDE A HOUSE are two angry ladies and as the rage inside of them comes out we have our first escapade of destruction that will be one of a series of meeting for these two beauties. Mia and Tasha find themselves in a room waiting for Franchesca but finding only savage jealousy. Only jealousy can fuel this fire of destructive demolition. These topless hard bodies can take and give some real blows, their firm, feminine frames are put to a real test of endurance. And endure they must, from the crotch to the breasts and then dragged to the upstairs bedroom where even more pain awaits, but not just the pain no our nude victim is subjected to another bizarre ending - one that includes sharp objects and moist, fluffy, cream, because the rage inside has to come out.


THE NEXT MATCH UP is most gloriously up as Miašs bottom is definitely up in her sheer white tights that have a hole cut out for each firm cheek. She wears these with cowboy boots, hat and gun as she is a deputy but the heat has forced her to strip down a bit. Across from her in black bikini and hand cuffs sits the always enticing Kimberly. Intently Mia guards her prisoner, but the wily Kim soon tricks her captor and with a hard slam to the gut she is able to wrestle the copšs gun from her. Now comes that sweet control and the vindictive Kim revels in it as she stands Mia against the wall with a search that seems more like a degrading grope centering around a bottom thatšs up and inviting. A sudden turn of events brings on a frantic bout of fighting mania as both ladies try to get to the gun and destroy each other, it culminates with one ladyšs hands tied over her head as shešs hang out side where her tormentor now proceeds with the destruction of her totally vulnerable victim. This would seem to be the end, but itšs not, back inside goes the rage as these bare chested wonders are again at it in the house until onešs inside rage is channeled to her foešs destruction !!!!!!!