1 hour + — $59.95


YES, EVERYONE WILL FIND some fun in this one as our first match brings us three beauties that give us a little bit of everything. Decked out in her skin tight white nylons, white leather boots, white gloves and white bikini top the stately Hollywood looks even more impressive than usual as her blond mane matches her combat attire. Yet just as striking is her opponent, whose blond hair contrasts her outfit, yes the popular Fight Babe Robin has on the same outfit as Hollywood except her sexy ensemble is all black. Their not so friendly ref, the gorgeous Gasae, tells the combatants it will be a seven fall match, falls consisting of wrestling, boxing, and punching and a fall is won by a knock-out or submission and the loser has a time limit to return to her corner. Wild wrestling makes up the first fall as our black and white suited veterans go at it. Boxing comes in the next fall and as if their intense battering isn't bad enough the contentious ref starts interfering, so much so she at times becomes one of the battlers and we all know hard Gasae slugs. Yes it becomes one wild romp but it really gets fun when they get to the punching fall — each lady takes her turn with a free knock-out blow, time after time they blast each others chin then stager to their feet hoping they'll have enough strength for one more but a surprise awaits one of them, a large metal bar becomes a savage weapon of destruction. But eventually a big surprise awaits both of them and when they awake from this ordeal they decide on a very novel way to decide who's top gun. They strap on the guns and in an old style wild west shoot only one is left standing.


OUR NEXT MATCH finds more interesting outfits, Mia is exercising in the ring wearing white tights with blues shorts over them and a white top, when Tasha approaches wearing a wildly sexy one piece that is cut high up the sides and low on the cleavage and looks an awfully lot like the one Yvone wore when she fought Mia awhile back and it soon becomes apparent this similarity is no coincidence as Tasha is here because of what Mia did to Yvone. Now this is Mia's fist encounter with this shapely, hard-body and seeing a conflict is inevitable she tries to trick the newcomer. It works and Mia is soon throwing her victim around the ring then into a corner where she savagely bites her on the breast, but Tasha is too tough not to eventually turn the tables. Throws, holds and lots of great views of these outfits that accentuate their rounded, rock hard butts. Ending with a victory dance where the victor takes turns posing her vanquished foe and dancing — posing, dancing, a lot of fun. A TAPE WITH SO MUCH WILD FUN FOR EVERYONE!!!