1 hour — $59.95


A CHAMPIONSHIP CHALLENGE was issued in Tape #354, Francesca wanted a shot at the new champ, Gasae who won the belt in that tournament. Eagerly our beautiful, bronze warrior answers the bell ready to take it to the ever tough, raven-haired beauty, but Gasae is just as eager to get it on — so get it on they do. Both ladies throw and receive a multitude of blows, the sound of fist on skin is loud and distinct as the lady who's been touted as the hardest slugger of all slams her fists into Francesca's gut, but then nobody can take a punch like this Latin beauty. Francesca proves she gives as well as she gets as seen by the wild shock waves that send Gasae's supple, beautifully formed breasts into gyrating motions, and these are just from the mid-section blows, it becomes even worse when the vulnerable breasts themselves are attacked. Stomach, crotch, breasts, all are fair game for total destruction when you're going for the championship, but hold on, because destruction is only part of the answer that ends this super match — it's a beautiful surprise that is worthy of a championship match.


NEXT WE HAVE TWO all time champions and this match will most surely prove that. Christine and Susie are truly out for blood, shown by the high energy of their attacks, but it's the butts down that they use to put each other out, yes long excruciating face-sits that slowly smother their opponents. But before the butts they wear each other down with a frantic pace that includes vicious breast mauling and savage leg-scissors that turn into wild horse back rides. Then there's the hand cuffs in the corner that allow Susie to really destroy Christine's vulnerable bust, but Christine is too wily a veteran to be disabled for long. They start out in the yard with dresses and high heels on but their disgust for each other soon has the dresses ripped from their gorgeous, feminine frames and eventually they're in the ring with only panties and bras. Soon the bras are pulled off and used as weapons — topless our feminine warriors take this fabulous, barbarous match to that finale face-sit of annihilation that you most definitely don't want to miss.