1 hour — $59.95


FABULOUS is much too tame a word to describe these flesh feasts of destruction. We start out with a fabulous escapade that pits the luscious Lisa against an unbelievable new warrior, Darlisa. Black goddess of beauty may be an understatement for this new exquisite battler, yes Darlisa is destined to be an ebony supernova in our galaxy of female combat stars. This romp was so spectacular we used it to premiere our members only web site and the response was even more than we expected as the viewers not only raved about the great new site but the fabulous art filled beauty these two exquisite beauties brought to the battle — more than the ultimate in feminine figures these ladies bring fire to the fight. Yes from the beginning savage verbiage to the hair dragging torture that leads to tortuous breast destruction against a sand-paper wall, culminating in a mutual breast death hold where the shapely, black mounds of flesh are clutched by Lisa's lean, strong white digits, but equally in the grasp of pain are Lisa's, large, tender, milky white breasts as Darlisa's dark fingers dig into the white flesh. A true Amazon battle that rages from room to room, down the stairs and into the midst of this all nude destruction. Actually not quite all nude as one of the ladies still has her socks on, all but the socks. Savagely these ladies center their attacks on their vulnerable breasts and tender groins as being nude seems to bring these accessible body parts into this battle of two of the most beautiful feminine gladiators who ever ripped into a supple mound of female flesh.


OUR NEXT ROMP again finds Lisa in a very sexy, short, black dress and high heels that accentuate her long legs, ready to dazzle she puts the finale touches on sexy outfit she will be wearing at the wrestling convention. Katrina also readies herself in a skintight dress and pearls and as they start to discuss their outfits a fight breaks out and their hotel suite becomes a battle ground. It breaks out in the bedroom as across the bed they struggle to rip the tight dresses off each other, over the rounded buttocks the dresses are pulled until they roll off the bed and into the large multi room area of the suite. The guts and breasts are battered until they finally rip off their swank dresses, then their panties but never those high heels, no they remain throughout the match. Nude their fight rages from one room to the next, over the couch, across the ottoman and lastly their gorgeous, naked bodies are draped over the glass table where the supple breasts are flattened to submission. Naked, wild and fabulous — WOW does it again!!!!