1 hour — $59.95


TWO NEW LADIES (Scottie and Jessie) are being trained by Mia, now these are two very strong young beauties, larger and more muscular than most and theyıve done a little cat fighting so they arenıt real excited about having this little grappler boss them around. Matter of fact they think they can beat Mia and once Mia finds this out she sets up a tag match — her against the two new ladies but they must only have one team member in the ring at a time and Mia insists on a ref to insure the rules are enforced. Soon weıre off and running, can these strong newcomers defeat a talented veteran or are their numbers and size just too much for any single grappler no matter who she is. It gets wild and wonderful as these new pros become foes.


OUR NEXT SET OF pro-stylers are two working their way toward the belt, Bobbie even challenges Nina but Nina only laughs as she tells Bobbie sheıs not at all ready for her. Then Mia joins them and Bobbie also tells her sheıd like a shot at her too. Mia doesnıt think sheıs ready yet either but wonders if she just has something against the Walter sisters and Bobbies lets them know sheıll take on any of the sisters. This is said as the youngest Walters sister approaches and Brandy is more than ready to do battle. Both are so eager we soon have these two youthful beauties battling on the lawn and once itıs finally broken up only to be taken to the ring. Now the sisters stick together but how much help can they give her against this tough grappler. Itıs another long pro style battle with all the holds and throws you'd expect from these two game battlers — as they prove to be real PRO FOES.