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AND THIS TAPE is definitely all of these. New starts out the first match and her name is Cheryl, yes the great Cheryl Russo is another member of the DT team. New to us but by no means new to wrestling, no, this lady is one fabulous pro and she comes upon a topless Katrina who is recovering from a previous match and is in no mood for the taunting of this unknown newcomer. Needless to say a fabulous match ensues — the strong voluptuous Katrina goes in wild and hard but her sturgeons is countered by a wily pro that knows how to use it against her. Amazing holds, throws and counter holds soon proves to our sublime, hard-bodied youth that she's in for a fabulous match — and a MOST FABULOUS MATCH IT IS!


NOW THE NEXT MATCH may not have a fabulous newcomer but it has two greats that always provide a fabulous show. The always great Mia and that always fabulous villain, Raven are back at it. Mia in her bikini, white tights, and suspenders is lifting weights when Raven sneaks up behind her and slaps her hard on the ass, and even Mia's rock hard bottom feels the sting of this one. An angry Mia turns on this raven-haired beauty and proclaims her lack of fear. The battle is set, and when they meet later in the ring, Raven challenges her to a submission strip match, informing Mia that she has the advantage as she has the most clothes on. It's set, we're ready to go — but that black hearted Raven ambushes poor Mia as she jumps her from behind and pulls her suspenders and bikini hard driving a cloth wedge between her rounded buttocks and then raven uses this tortuous wedge to drag her victim into a position of destruction. But spunky Mia has never been easily destroyed and after a brutal turn-about we find Mia proudly tying raven's top to the bottom of her bikini, like a proud Indian who has just defeated and scalped her foe, she then ties this topknot to her belt as a badge of honor. A seething Raven crawls back to her corner and as we close in on her fiery eyes we know this one is far from over. Yes a raging battle ensues with destruction both in and out of the ring until eventually there is one totally defeated naked body on the blue canvas. A tape that most definitely has THE NEW — THE GREAT — THE FABULOUS!!!!