1 hour — $59.95


YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT — no, not unless you're ready for real destruction not unless you're able to handle one of our all time great tapes of destruction. We start out with two contrasting super femmes: voluptuous Sandy and the exotic Solveing. One starts out in control focusing most of her destruction on smothering her struggling victim but soon the table turns and the victim becomes the torturer and does she have some vicious surprises in store for her foe. These topless wildcats go at each other with a smothering, choking vengeance using every painful position and tie-up they can imagine. Red gloves on white skin, chairs, ropes — you name it they try it.


AND AS DESTRUCTIVE as this one is you can multiply it by five to get to the destructive level of our next escapade. Yes it's five topless wildcats that after finding Katrina topless, bound and battered they decide to avenge her destruction. They work out a plan then invite the fly to their web and before she knows it poor Julie is set upon by five topless avengers that methodically start to destroy her. Gallantly she struggles but numbers are too much for her. The pack attacks the prey, ripping the clothes from her tender skin, her small skirt pulled above her rounded buttocks provides an inviting target for their savage attacks. The hoard now drags their wounded prey to the bedroom where they strip her nude and have their way with her. They take turns in this complete torture; slugging, choking, face-sitting, breast battering — you name it they use it to teach their naked victim a lesson and it is a lesson beautiful Julie will never forget. And who are these villains of destruction, this pack of destroyers: Gasae, Francesca, Bobbie, Katrina and the new destroyer Santana. Five fabulous topless beauties bent on one goal — to destroy their naked prey. YOU WANT DOMINANCE — you can't handle it.