45 minutes — $59.95


AND SCOTT FINDS the mix is a bit too thick for him. He starts out in the house with the huge bosomed Sandy where he exercises but soon Sandy joins in and shows him up a bit and a tussle ensues. A smashed male ego soon forces an escalation to the war as he forces her into battles over who is more powerful ending in a great breast to breast bearhug that squeezes poor Sandy's chest till it is almost a normal size but don't think she's done — no way — Sandy is one lady that knows how to control her man.


NEXT WE FIND SCOTT giving it another try only this time he's in the ring where he feels much more comfortable, but this comfort is short lived once he painfully finds out how tough his opponent is. The stunning Marjone always comes ready to do battle and a male just fires her up even more. Of course as we've seen from previous tapes Scott is an accomplished wrestler and he's more focused than we've ever seen him, must have been the humiliation he took from Sandy earlier, whatever, he's out for blood in this one and it makes for a wild match full of fabulous throws and holds that flow like a raging river. It's wild and brutal and it looks like it might finally be Scott's day but I don't know, Marjone will fight and claw right up to the bitter end — a great, great fight!