1 hour — $59.95


AND OUR FIRST TWO BEAUTIES love to get the upper hand and know how to use it, yes their voluptuous bodies are only surpassed by their destructive determination. Definitely four of the most beautiful breasts ever seen on a mat and once topless they provide both weapons and targets. But these curvaceous amazons provide the whole package of battling destruction — hard slugs to the gut, kicks to gut and breasts, slamming throws and long painful holds of merciless destruction because one gets the upper hand and uses it for all it's worth. This is one painful match of determined destruction by two of the most beautiful ladies to ever grace a canvas with their soft, battered flesh. It's non-stop, hair down, abandoned destruction. Like your peeping back in time on two wild tribal hell cats fighting for their dominance in the pack, where one gets on top, digs her claws and rubs her victim's nose in the pain and the defeat.


AND WHEN WE REALLY WANT to see the upper hand become heavy we leave it to two of our wildest — Francesca vs. Tasha, no more needs to be said, but being the verbose s.o.b. I am, I will. Wild is the middle name of these hellions as proved by the way they light into each other. One sleek beauty takes charge but payback is a bitch when the other hard body gets the upper hand, and grips it tight as she mounts a savage campaign of destruction that is centered around an upper hand made into a fist that smashes her foe. It's more than just slugging inventive holds and positions of pain that like the first match end up in a tie down for that ultimate destruction.