45 minutes — $59.95


LOOKING FOR A FABULOUS new concept in female combat? No rounds no mercy and lots of action — then this tag boxing bout is right up your alley. The beautiful, tuff Marjone is training the young very game Tara on the fine art of boxing when a newcomer (Santana) also known and in this video called Tina, comes along talking trash and showing no respect to this proven warrior. Soon a battle is agreed upon and Francesca and Santana take on Marjone and Tara. Can this new lady box — only as good as she looks and that's saying a lot because this raven harried, dark skinned, exotic beauty is a real knock out. Marjone and Santana both make no bones about the fact that they really want to mix it up, and mix it up they do!
But even these hard smashing wildcats eventually have to tag out and we see what their partners are made of, course we all know the gorgeous Francesca can stand up with anyone but our young sweet Tara also proves to be a real whirlwind, yes punching seems to release a devil in our girl next door. They slug, they battle, they fall, they crawl — a war, a drama that makes partners stretch to their limits, stretching for the touch that allows the battle to rage on. And on it rages as these beauties beat each other literally bloody. Starting out topless only seems to make targets out of their vulnerable, free flying breasts. Whose tuff enough, smart enough to end up standing. Of the four only one raises her arm in victory, but they all pay a dear price for the battle as the defeated lay scattered, angry, bloody and beaten. FOUR IS DEFINITELY MORE than anyone could ever expect from one battle — FOUR IS MORE!!!!!!