45 minutes — $59.95


AND THEY ARE TWO of the best, the fabulous Mia and the always great Julie get it on in one of the best matches we've ever seen. Nina and Julie are sitting outside having a beer talking about how Nina wants a chance at the belt but Julie says there has to be a fight with Mia first well one thing leads to another and Julie's water prank turns into a raging fight over who controls the hose. To Nina's delight the fight escalates till our wet warriors are ring side where Mia pulls Julie's wet top over her head revealing her ultra pert nipples that jiggle as Mia slams her fist into the vulnerable gut. But Julie escapes and attacks Mia who is climbing into the ring, she pulls her shorts off as Mia escapes.
Soon both are in the ring, wet, topless and in a rage — how can two ladies who we're such good friends go at it with such a vengeance. Crunching bombs to the stomach, lethal chokes from legs and hands, savage breast attacks, throws and holds that are applied with an energy that can only come from two soggy, angry veterans that are out to prove something. Even their breasts seem angry as the water drips from their erect nipples that seem to be trying to slash into glistening veneer of their sleek bodies. Two of the best that go at it with everything they've got, nobody will say either of these beauties are over the hill — no this savage vengeance can only come from two of the best, that are only GETTING BETTER!!!!!