45 minutes — $59.95


SOMETIMES ONE'S ENOUGH, so for those folks we're presenting a few tapes with just one long match on each. And this fabulous tag team match is the perfect one to start out with. The veterans, Francesca and Christine are taking on the newcomers, Lisa and a brand new lady to DT, Jacqueline (a beautiful tall red head who knows her way around a wrestling ring). Our cocky, curvaceous vets start out with some real trash talking but this new team sounds like they're not about to be intimidated, no these two gorgeous red heads are as game as they come — before the bell they both throw off their tops freeing their breasts and spirits.
Our brunettes start out strong, ready to see just how much the reds can take and they soon have the first fall but it's a long multi fall match where endurance and team work will be giant factors. As the blows get harder and the holds become more tortuous each team tries to cheat trapping their opponent in the corner and quickly pounding on her till they are made to let go. A match with every possible type of fighting — breast mauling, slugging, holds, throws and lots of great cat fighting, even between team members. One match with so much deserves a place by it's self — four incredible bodies on the attack would make this tape worth full price but because we always strive to please you can get it for a one match reduced price. A lot for a little because this is a TAG FOR ALL.