1 hour — $44.95


SWEET, BEAUTIFUL Tara has been left nude and lifeless from her last match when Susie enters and proceeds to wake her with a vicious blow to the stomach. But the spunky Tara musters her courage and surprises her eager opponent as a match begins. Soon the destruction becomes all one-sided but with some very original positions of destruction, both in and out of the ring. Folded over like a pretzel, squeezed, stretched — in general, pulverized till again the defeated is hung out to dry with added humiliation heaped on to the insult.


MASTERING DOMINANCE is an art that Gasae has most definitely acquired, as Mia's pain will again attest to. We start out with Mia still dangling on the ropes from her last match when vicious Gasae cones in and chides her for losing again, eventually Mia can take no more and says she can take Gasae. Ten destructions are decided on as the structure and Gasae even adds money for an incentive. But it's soon apparent that Gasae is the prepared and ready one as this becomes a one-sided slaughter, she destroys Mia physically and verbally till she ends up stripping poor Mia nude and then adding even more humiliation as she reaches into her bag of demeaning tricks. Mia wakes later only to express her total humiliation at this complete destruction. A tape with destruction that goes all the way to MASTERDOM!!!!!!