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TWO OF THE MOST beautiful ladies in wrestling are also two of the most accomplished and they're back for a rematch — yes Hollywood the tall stately blond is ready to take it to her hated foe, the tough as nails, ultra voluptuous brunet, Marjone. They last met in Tape #226 where they really took it to each other. But they're both back to prove something, not just whose the toughest but who is the best grappler, not just knows the best holds but knows how to hold the hold to it's most destructive end. Luckily it's a multilevel match because these ladies need the time to perform some of the most intricate maneuvers we've ever seen. Oh there's throws and blows but it's the way they try to out do each other with some of the most imaginative maneuvers we've ever seen. Beautiful breasts freed from restrictive tops only produces the most devastating holds, I mean some of these contortions are too hard to even describe — fabulous bodies straining to be the best. Total war, right up to that last, ultimately devastating hold of destruction that leaves one of our curvaceous combatants crumbled on the mat — devastated from one too many holds of total destruction.


MAY SEEM LIKE there's no way of topping this one but when the sublime, milky skinned Kimberly joins Francesca and Mia as they discuss Francesca's recent defeats it's inevitable these two super tough, smart mouthed beauties are going to get into it. Not just get it on but get it on long and torturous as the settle on a best out of nine fall match. Mia refuses to ref this one so poor Julie is forced into the stripped shirt. YES, it's everything we expected — wild, cheating, tough, mouthy, hell-cats that really don't like each other but love to give the gift of pain and destruction. A long match that provides EVERYTHING you would expect from two such tough topless beauties. HOLD AND DESTROY — yes this tape is one you'll most definitely want to hold and not destroy — because it's another classic that can only be brought to you by the best — DOUBLE TROUBLE PRODUCTIONS.